How it Works

Make better decisions for your community — today and for the future

Waterworth is a powerful continuous utility rate management solution that integrates different data to help you gain financial control of your water and wastewater systems.
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Tell a better story

See the big picture with operating and capital costs, revenue and reserves all in one interactive dashboard.

Explain With Pictures

Tell a compelling story with easy-to-use interactive graphs and visualizations that everyone can understand.

Quickly Model Scenarios

See the impact of changes on affordability and financial sustainability by easily modelling different scenarios.

Improve Communication

Have better conversations with elected officials and the public about capital spending, borrowing and setting rates.

See Potential Gaps

Test your capital plans, master water plans, bonding options and fiscal policies to reveal gaps.

Pinpoint Trends

Make use of historical data to identify trends unique to your specific situation.

Plan for the Long Term

Move from short-sighted planning to comprehensive long-term roadmaps — up to 25 years.

Use data to drive better decisions

Make the right capital investments today based on projected infrastructure renewal and replacement costs.

Remove Uncertainty

Know with confidence that you are replacing infrastructure fast enough to stay ahead of a crisis.

Improve Budgeting

Benchmark how much you should invest in capital renewal annually to sustainably finance your system.

Establish Costs

Determine your cost of service and make informed decisions about cost allocation between customers.

Examine Alternatives

Change assumptions when circumstances change to immediately see the impact on costs and revenue. Test alternative funding scenarios.

Get Started Quickly

Easily drag and drop your financial, billing and asset data directly into Waterworth. Be up and running quickly and easily.

Grow revenues sustainably

Expand water and wastewater revenues, even in decreasing-demand environments.

Build Rate Structures

Waterworth shows you how to build your rate structures to meet long-term revenue, conservation and community goals.

Perform Tests

Test hundreds of different rate structures to easily compare and maximize revenue.

Discover New Revenue

Compare billing data to water sales to uncover hidden revenues, like miscoded accounts.

Raise Rates Gently

Eliminate barriers to rate increases with transparent reports that both elected officials and the public understand.

Pinpoint Unfairness

Quickly see differences between water consumed versus revenue contributed to pinpoint any unfairness.

Professional support that’s tailored to you

Our team has been working with small and medium-sized communities for over 15 years, helping them gain financial control of their water and wastewater systems so that they can set a sustainable trajectory for decades to come. Because who doesn’t like to be in control?

Smooth Takeoff

Be up and running in a day with our team of knowledgeable, experienced sustainability specialists. We’ve got a decade and a half of skin in this game — and we’re with you every step of the way.

Set Your Own Pace

Start with your financial report for quick wins, then add billing and asset data when you are ready at a pace that works for you. Stay ahead of issues through an annual review with the Waterworth team.

Professional Support

Scheduled one-on-one customer success calls during set-up, coupled with on-demand support when you need it. Live chat, screen-sharing, phone, email — whatever works for you. We’ll even be on tap for council meetings!

Smooth Onboarding

Step-by-step onboarding templates show you how to prepare data for easy import.

Annual Review

Stay ahead of any potential issues with an annual review appointment with the Waterworth team.

We’re Available

Get support via live chat, screen sharing, phone, and email. Remote support during Council meetings, if you need it.